Just Hear Me Out – 12:11 pm

She preached her word, 
So loud the heavens heard 

Her declarations were so profound,
They reached the rafts
Which contained the children’s laughs
The children, oh the poor children
Their beautiful arts and crafts
Covered in glass
Coating the chairs and tables 
Scattered among the class
From shattered windows 
Due to non bullet proof glass 
The sound of the shooter’s gun emptying through the halls is such a terrifying sound 
Shell casings all around 
Hearing the sound of the bullets clink as they hit the ground 
Males your heart pound 

Yes they are okay
The children were saved 
But unfortunately their hearts were paved 
With misery flashbacks, and posttraumatic stress so this day 
But hey, what can you say 
When you constantly live in a state of fear and terror in a state 
Where gun control laws 
Can be torn apart and clawed 
Are you thinking about the children?
Because of your lax laws
She is under her desk, hiding, texting, and crying
“Mommy, I miss you, I love you, I think I’m dying”
All because you need your assault rifle to go hunting with your dad 
And because of your actions, this dad won’t see his kid become a grad 

She broadcast her speech
And the world listened to her preach 

A delusion is present 
Hate speech is prominent 
That the white race believes they are dominant 
The hazing 
The blazing of crosses in yards 
The raising 
The praising of confederate flags on cars 
Your hate 
Your emasculated 
Your infuriated, bothered attitude 
It only shows that us, coloureds, have an impact regarding you
That brings us complete and utter gratitude 
You can only try your best 
To try to lay us to rest 
But we will always stand proud, stand tall 
For our afros will never fall 

As her voice tires, and has a slight crack 
She is not done, she will not turn back 

This one’s for you
Not a victim, but a survivor 
Of rape, assault, and tortures
Your nights are restless
You are sleepless, you are tired 
Because you want justice 
Which you know you will have to be scrutinized to get 
The system is unfair 
You are sitting in the prosecution’s chair 
The hot seat, the victim blaming chair 
Look at you, made to look like the bad guy 
Hard to get sympathy for anyone to care
Now your face is on the tabloids at the store 
You can’t show your face in public anymore 
Now you’re being called a whore 
And being checked out by the man you walked in front of who opened the door 
Stomach in knots, stomach starts to churn 
Every step, every turn, hypervigilance kicks in 
A man walks a few steps behind you 
From clenching your fist, your knuckles start to turn white, and burn 
Gripping your keys tight, 
Any second ready to strike 
This will not happen again 
You are a force to be reckoned with 

PTSD follows you everywhere 
But don’t worry 
There is hope 
There are many ways to learn how to cope 
To stop snowballing and going down that slope
Get help, get support, don’t be in denial 
For this stage in life is not final 

As her words come to an end 
A point to you, she would like to extend 

The mentally ill
Does not like to be treated in a manner that is ill 
Insane does not mean inane 
As inane is just insane with a missing “s” 
So treat the mentally ill’s mind as a complex game of chess 
Is not just “inside of me”
They have real problems 
And they need love, and care to work through them 
Does not mean “arrest them”
When they try to hurt themselves 
It’s a silent scream out 
They can’t cry anymore, as their tear ducts are experiencing a drought 
When they resort to hurting themselves, causing utter pain 
Do not call the authorities 
Pay them attention 
Make them your priority 
The mentally ill need love
They are angels that come from above 
They are just misunderstood, beautiful creatures 
With happy, but also depressive and psychotic features 
Just like most, the ill need love, and care 
We will never withhold any compassion 
There is enough to share 

As she closes her statement 
She phrases her closing words with the correct placement 

With all the hate in the world
Races hating races
Boys against girls 
Let’s mix together like a swirl 
We spend too much time wishing the worst among thy enemy 
Some might wish revenge or death to thee 
But you see,
If we took some of that energy 
And turned all that negativity into positivity 
That disdain of not wanting to be nice 
Would break the ice
Of hating and abstaining from loving each other
Remember this 
Live today with no sorrow 
For the day is not promised tomorrow 

Blood Bleeds Red II – 8:52 pn

I slit my throat
And for you I bled
You took my offering
And drowned me in it, dead

I poured my life
Into your hands to hold
Which you took for granted
And left me to lie lifeless and cold

Forever, I preached
I was yours until you said so
But I didn’t think that decision
Would be like the sunrise and sunset, and just come and go

With these last lines
I will say at last
My blood that stains your hands, forever me to you, is the tie that binds